The story of our passion

Chamois is a fashion and home accessory brand for those who love aesthetics and beautiful qualities. We collaborate with small factories and family run business with over 150 years of experience using their inherited skills from Kashmir and other textile regions in India.

Chamois is born out of my love for aesthetics and travels. In a period of building a new lifestyle I left a long life in the international financial world. While travelling in the East I fell in love with India and its impressive history and long tradition of shawl making and textile handicraft. I have built up strong relations with family run factories and artisans and our mutual love for handicraft and designs has developed strong bonds based on mutual values. It is now the foundation for what Chamois stands for today – a sustainable business in partnership with our artisans and factories.

Sharing our passion!

Charlotte Amlé
CEO and Founder

Chamois’ aim is that more people should be able to experience the passion and interest for ancient cultural expressions in today’s interior design and fashion, at the same time respecting sustainable values.
Traditional handicraft in a modern interpretation.
Chamois’ business idea is interior and fashion where the product design combines genuine oriental textile heritage with modern style, taste and function. The products are characterized by carefully selected materials with great attention to detail.
Chamois shall be recognized as the leading interior and fashion company when it comes to guarding and transforming tradition and handicraft into modern design.